palette with brushes

The Akron Society of Artists was founded in 1931. Its mission: to advance the skill, knowledge and appreciation of art among its members and the general public; to encourage the advancement and understanding of art in the community; and to afford financial assistance and encouragement to worthy art students.

2015 Board Members –
President, Lawrence Walker
Vice President, Ted Lawson
Secretary, Mary White
Treasurer, Jeanette Torma
·Past Presidents:
Dino Massaroni, 1999–2007
Judith Gaiser, 2008–2009
Shirley Blake, 2010–2013
·Members At Large:
Bruce Stebner thru 2017
Steve Fountain thru 2018
Mo Mosyjowski thru 2019

Akron Society of Artists, 140 E. Market St., Akron, OH 44308
Email us:
or leave a message at the studio phone: 330–294–8848